Aquavision is honoured to count creative, talented people as contributors to be represented in its extensive library.

Amongst those whose work is represented in our Library are:


Charles Maxwell


Cape Town resident and Emmy Award-winning underwater cinematographer Charles has over 40 years of diving experience under his belt, and as such possesses an excellent understanding of the South African marine environment, and has gained many contacts in the scientific and documentary communities.

Charles began his underwater filming career 27 years ago, collaborating with a Swiss filmmaker in an exploration of the world’s largest underground lake, and has since worked with a number of production companies around the globe.

Although he lives in Cape Town and specializes in documentaries about the sharks, Cape fur seals, dolphins and whales that are so abundant in those waters, Charles also spends a significant amount of time filming along the Coast between Mozambique and Cape Town.

In 2002 he received the prestigious Prime Time Emmy Award in the Outstanding Cinematography category, for his work on The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, which was produced by BBC/Discovery Channel. In 2006 Charles again worked on a BBC-produced documentary: Planet Earth: Shallow Seas.



Gil Arbel


One of the world’s leading underwater cameramen, Gil has dived in locations ranging from Thailand to Australia, to Tonga and the Red Sea. Winner of the Italian Underwater Video Trophy in 2004 for his film Tonga’s Gentle Giants, Gil displays passion and utmost professionalism in his work.

Among Gil’s many credits is collaboration with the BBC NHU between 2003 and 2005, on their renowned mega-series Planet Earth. Some of his other works include Harmless Giants, focused on Whale Sharks in Thailand, and a study of underwater archaeology in Israel titled Broken Code. More recently, Gil has been working extensively with both dolphins and sharks in his works The Elusive Dugong and A Journey to the World of Sharks.

Many of Gil’s works are aired in Israel, however the wide range of productions of which he has been a part, enjoy coverage worldwide.



Tekweni TV Productions


Durban-based South African television production company, Tekweni TV Productions are described as being a “one-stop-shop” for all production requirements. The award-winning company boasts a formidable fleet of scriptwriters, directors, editors and videographers, who – for over 25 years – have helped make their clients’ television productions a reality. Tekweni TV Productions are reputed for delivering work of a high quality, well within deadlines, at affordable, budget-minded rates.

The company’s considerable experience allows them to work in genres across the board, from company- and tourism promotional videos, to documentaries and event-filming and beyond. Another of the services that Tekweni TV Productions offers is the licensing of South African stock footage in HD, as well as providing extremely cost-effective copy-protected duplication services.

The Tekweni TV Prouctions & SA TV Channel Collection boasts and extensive range of broadcast-quality footage of wildlife, travel and culture in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.



Bradley Ireland Productions


Bradley Ireland Productions, owned and operated by Jay Ireland and Georgienne Bradley, specialize in High-Definition wildlife and nature stock footage, as well as productions both underwater and above the surface. A formidable background in biology combined with many years of field experience, provide a strong foundation in natural history film making.



Judy Lehmberg


Wildlife devotee Judy has her roots as a biology professor, whose career in filming and photographing wildlife has taken her around the world – being: Africa, Europe, Central America, China, large parts of Western Northern America and some parts of South America too.

Not long ago, Judy left her professor position in order to devote her time entirely to filming wildlife. Since then, much of her work has taken place in, and been concerned with, Yellowstone National Park. Currently, Judy is completing a documentary on the decline of cutthroat trout there, influenced by the introduction of lake trout to the Park. She is also working on a children’s environmental video, using the original songs of Jim Stolts.

Some of Judy’s footage features in National Geographic’s Expedition Wild – Inside a Wolf Pack.



Cristian Dimitrius


Wildlife filmmaker, biologist, dive instructor, photographer and expedition leader, Brazilian Cristian Dimitrius is a man of many, many skills. One of only a few Brazilian nationals dedicating all of his time to documenting Earth’s natural history – both underwater and above the surface – Cristian has completed over 3 000 dives in a range of diverse environments.

For many years Cristian has been filming for channels the likes of National Geographic, History Channel and Globo TV, in many locations all around the world. In doing so, he has had the privilege of exploring, among others, Galapagos, Thailand, Canada, Africa, Antarctic, India and the Bahamas.

A Jack of all trades, Cristian has a published a number of articles in diving and nature magazines. Currently, he is working on completing his first book, as well as a long-term project for Nat Geo Wild, and a documentary of his own about the natural history of Galápagos.


 And many more…

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