Buying Stock Footage from Aquavision TV Productions

Source and Master Information

We specifically state the format that our Footage was originally shot in, and the highest possible delivery format available for that content. Our viewing clips also have clear watermarks to show any special collections like our Represented footage, PHANTOM High speed or Premium Collections.

We will not sell you TRUE HD unless it is FULL HIGH DEFINITION quality. HDV is not broadcast quality HD, and we won’t tell you it is. If we hold telecined Film footage that has been up converted to HD, we will tell you that too – we call it Film-backed HD. Let us know what you require and we can send you clips for consideration.

Download Clips

All of our viewing clips will be sent either: via our FTP sites, located in South Africa or in the United States – or a secure YouSendIt link as QuickTime 640×360 H.264 clips. These clips can be imported directly into your edit suite, ready for use. If you have other specific format requirements contact us.

Free Initial Research Inquiries

Send us a brief outlining your requirements and we will find our best shots to meet them. Initial and most subsequent requests are free. For large comprehensive requests you will be charged a flat rate of ZAR200.00 a day.

Can’t find that elusive shot?

Is there something specific you are looking for but are unable to locate? We receive new material from over 35 stock footage agents and our professional cameramen in the field all the time, and we may have what you are looking for. Contact us and if we have what your are looking for we’ll upload to our FTP or YouSendIt for you to view.

Buying footage

All of our footage is rights-managed, and we charge per SECOND USED so that you only pay for what you need.
License fees depend on the Right-to-Use needed:the type of project, the territory, and media required – as well as the footage collection and length of time.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

To order footage

Contact us and we can arrange the best way to deliver the master material to you. With uncapped high-speed servers located in Johannesburg and the United States, we can collaborate with post-production facilities across the globe and can get your media to you within 24 hours.

Delivery formats

We supply master footage in almost all tape formats or send you footage on a Hard Drive. Should you want footage the same day or overnight we have an FTP site that you can download footage from.

Footage Request

Please give us a brief description and the format of the footage you are looking for and we will get back to you with how we can help: