How to Order and View Footage

1.How can I request a screener or view the footage? For those clips that have not yet been digitized, we can send a DVD screener or we can arrange for those clips to be placed on our FTP site as QuickTime for download. If you would prefer to have our staff do the research and prepare a screener for you, just email or fax us a completed Footage Request Card and someone will contact you. Research is FREE and a nominal screener fee may be charged depending on size of your request.

2.How do I download a clip? You will be able to download your viewing clips once you have logged in to our FTP site.

3.What are your licensing rates? Licensing rates are based on the Rights being requested and vary according to the type of project, the territory, and media required, as well as the footage collection and length of time.Owing to the range of collections we represent: generic, represented and premium etc. – different minimums and rates may apply. Additionally certain preferred vendor relationships have been pre-arranged with some of the broadcast entities.

4What formats can you provide? We provide a range of formats across the spectrum–from SD 16:9 FHA to full HD. We also provide online FTP delivery. Most orders can be fulfilled within 24-48 hours, however some collections may need up to 72 hours. Please consult with our staff to determine delivery time for your master copy. We require a signed License Agreement and payment of 50% of License Fees and master duplication costs before delivery of master material. Download a copy of the master request form and email here.

5. How do I order master material? Once you have selected the material you would like to license, you will need to submit your order to us. Download a copy of the Aquavision Purchase Formor Contact Us. We will then finalize License Fees and master duplication costs. A License Agreement and Invoice will be issued. Upon receipt of 50% payment of Invoice and a signed License Agreement, we will then release master material.

6How can I have my footage represented by Aquavision TV Productions? Aquavision TV Productions is always looking for new footage to represent. We are especially keen on Hi-definition and Red Camera footage. Please give us a call to discuss your footage with our library team. Alternatively, please send us a sample of your work with information about the type of footage you normally shoot, in what formats you shoot, if your footage is logged, how much footage you have etc.

7. What do you do with my personal information? AQUAVISION TV PRODUCTIONS will never knowingly pass on any personal details submitted by registered users to a third party.

8. How can I subscribe to your newsletter? Our newsletter brings you information about new collections, special offers and interesting tidbits about footage. Click here to subscribe.

9. Are your edited showreels for sale? Yes, please contact our library  for more information.