We explore some of the most beautiful parts of the world in our constant pursuit of new and evocative stories. With privileged access to ordinarily closed areas – we are able to create award-winning footage that captures Africa’s breathtaking beauty and diversity.

Our broadcast-quality content, both underwater and in the wild African bush, puts us at the forefront of Wildlife film production. A library of over 10 000 hours of footage of extraordinary animal behaviour has earned us international recognition, and a reputation for chasing interesting, challenging and often dangerous projects – which we tackle with ease and pride.



mother warthog featured productionMother Warthog

In Africa, the warthog is a constant target for hungry predators. Cheetah, Lion and Leopard actively hunt this prized delicacy. Fewer than 40% of piglets ever see their first birthday. But this year a warthog mother will face these terrible odds and try to raise her family to adulthood. She must learn from the lessons of her past and face her enemies with intelligence and determination. These are the challenges of Mother Warthog.




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